HELP! HELP! On August 3rd at noon our van’s window was smashed in London in front of the Science Museum. Witnesses please contact us: info@iranisgreat.com
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Welcome to the official website of the campaign “Iran is Great”

Being aware of the fact that Iran has a relatively negative image abroad which does not correspond at all with the reality we have encountered throughout our trips through Iran, we have considered initiating an informational and promotional campaign in Europe and in the world which is meant to improve Iran’s image abroad.
Our project has started April 2014 introducing Iran’s rich culture and civilization and by promoting the cultural, historical, natural and tourism potentials through our talks, presentations or only by displaying our mobile banner in Europe and elsewhere.

The project does NOT deal with any political or religious matters whatsoever.

Support us if you think that Iran deserves a better image abroad and please submit any ideas about what you think we can do better in order to achieve this goal